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Friday, February 1, 2008

SLC Punk

SLC Punk first off is an Independent Film from 1998, so for those of you who aren't fans of Independent Films this may not be for you, but in my opinion you should give it a chance, because this movie touches a lot of ground and actually points out interesting ideas and jabs at the life of being a punk.

The movie revolves around two best friends who are growing up in 1985 Salt Lake City, Utah, Stevo and Heroin Bob. The movie starts out with a quick poke of attitude and rebelling, and quickly amounts to showing Stevo and Heroin Bobs daily life, with run ins with their friends, punks, mods, anarchist, red necks, hicks, neo-nazis, heavy metal fans, and the new wavers. The film itself is an icon and is somewhat a cult classic among dvd buyers. Every now and then it can be caught on the IFC channel.

Writer-director James Merendino created the film based on his experience growing up as a punk in Salt Lake City. It is not an autobiography, but its said that some of the characters were modeled after people he knew.

I would recommend this for you to watch, either find it on tv, rent it, see if a friend owns it, or simply purchase the dvd.

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