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Friday, February 1, 2008

SLC Punk

SLC Punk first off is an Independent Film from 1998, so for those of you who aren't fans of Independent Films this may not be for you, but in my opinion you should give it a chance, because this movie touches a lot of ground and actually points out interesting ideas and jabs at the life of being a punk.

The movie revolves around two best friends who are growing up in 1985 Salt Lake City, Utah, Stevo and Heroin Bob. The movie starts out with a quick poke of attitude and rebelling, and quickly amounts to showing Stevo and Heroin Bobs daily life, with run ins with their friends, punks, mods, anarchist, red necks, hicks, neo-nazis, heavy metal fans, and the new wavers. The film itself is an icon and is somewhat a cult classic among dvd buyers. Every now and then it can be caught on the IFC channel.

Writer-director James Merendino created the film based on his experience growing up as a punk in Salt Lake City. It is not an autobiography, but its said that some of the characters were modeled after people he knew.

I would recommend this for you to watch, either find it on tv, rent it, see if a friend owns it, or simply purchase the dvd.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rambo (2008)

So up until a week or two before Rambo was released i had never seen any of the movies(Rambo First Blood: Part 1, Rambo First Blood: Part 2, Rambo III) and i saw the preview and thought it looked pretty decent for an action movie, so a good friend of mine lent me the three movies on dvd, that come in a three disc collectors set, roughly 15$ in stores, and i spent one night watching all three, after the first one started i was hooked, i mean never have i seen a movie with such a bad ass character before, a take no prisoner, live by his own rules and take no shit kind of person is just a small taste of Rambo.

I finally went to see Rambo(2008) on the day after it opened in theaters all though it had bad reviews. I walked in, and sat down, unsure of how this movie was going to be. Of course to touch base before i move on, i'd like to point out this movie is based on a fictional representation of an actual civil war that is taking place. (The movie is Fictional, but the storyline is based on actual events that do take place over there, its more like a Genocide) Well, that being said i thought the audience was fairly inappropriate finding highly graphic parts humorous and clapping and cheering for the death scenes, i myself was shocked. Though it was very graphic and bloody i enjoyed it and thought it brought a good end to the series, if you're a fan of the Rambo movies, this will not let you down, believe me. The beginning of the movie starts out with actual pictures and clips of what actually happens over there to give you an idea of how bad it is, and then the story line begins to develop and then it soon enough explodes. If you are more mature then most, and are big into action and learning something new then you should definitely pay to see the movie, its worth it. I can't wait for the dvd release, though that won't be for a few i am hoping to go and see it again sometime soon.

Overall i'd say Worth Seeing, later purchasing on dvd.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I am just beginning on this Blog so it will take some time, but as a person who watches too much TV and Movies i decided to share my criticism on what i think, how good or bad they were, and whether they are worth seeing, paying for, waiting for, or not even seeing at all.

In doing this i hope to help you save your money, i am sorry if i say something about a movie and you differ in opinions but not every has the same feelings and thoughts on movies so be warned, also i could say a movie is worth seeing or not seeing and cost you, so if you really want to see a movie, the paying and seeing part is totally on you, i am just putting out an opinion.

Thank You,